About Us

All homes are houses, but not all houses are homes. There are a lot of things that need to go into a house to make it a house for a family, a place where everyone feels cozy, a place which you want to come back to. Some of these things are material, like furniture and decor elements. Other things are immaterial and they are hard to describe. It is much easier to obtain the material things, of course, and it is not as easy to get the immaterial right. We are hoping that we will be able to help with both!

We decided to create this website to help people turn their houses and apartments into real homes. We are not claiming that we are the absolute expects in this field, but we do promise that we working very hard to be as helpful as possible. We are thoroughly researching every topic that we write about. We are getting a lot of feedback from experts and simple day-to-day users and trying to incorporate it all in our articles. Our main motivator is the satisfaction of being useful to others, but we are also taking part in affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates. If you do use information we provide and purchase something via our links – thank you!

There is a lot that can be said and written on the subject of household and there is a lot that we won’t be able to cover immediately – please do let us know in your comments and via emails if you want to see a particular topic researched and published about. We will do our best to accommodate all such requests!

Wishing everyone’s house to become a cozy home!


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