Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker Review

Aroma products are designed to make people’s lives easier.  Their mission is to “design and distribute a line of products that enhance and enrich people’s lives.” Aroma rice cookers are considered some of the best and most reliable in the United States, and are known as “America’s favorite rice cookers.”  One of their top sellers is the Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer.

The Aroma 8-cup is an appealing black and silver stainless steel pot that serves dual functions as a rice cooker and steamer.  You can make up to 16 cups of cooked rice using the special white or brown rice functions. Brown rice requires a longer cooking time than other types of rice, and the Aroma 8 adjusts for this, even allowing for pre-soak time that is recommended for brown rice.


At the same time you are cooking your rice in the bottom pot, you can steam meat and veggies in the steamer on top.  One healthy meal all in one pot eliminating a messy kitchen! This rice cooker is convenient with a digital control panel that is large and easy to use. Put the rice on, push a button and the rice cooker does the rest.  You can help the kids with homework, do a little cleaning, or read a book. No need to constantly stir or monitor this pot. There is even a 15-hour delay timer for more flexibility. Put the rice in the pot, set the timer, and go to work. When you come home the rice will be nicely prepared, warm, and ready to serve.  The automatic keep-warm function switches on when the rice is finished cooking.

The automation on this rice cooker is made possible by something called “fuzzy logic.”  Fuzzy logic is a microcomputer chip inside the cooker that thinks for itself, and automatically adjusts the cooking temperature and time to get the best results for your rice each time. This is great for meals like risotto, chili, packaged meals, Spanish rice, or meals with beef, chicken, or fish. You can also make jambalaya, soups, and even desserts like rice pudding!

The Aroma 8 comes with a spatula, measuring cup, steam tray, and multi-lingual instruction manual. The manual even provides rice/water measurements steaming tables with temperature and time for various foods, and recipes. Cleaning this rice cooker is easy. The inner pot is non-stick and has a detachable lid.  Other parts are removable for easy washing.

Customer Reviews

Overall customers are very satisfied with this product.  Amazon customers rate this rice cooker 4.3 out of 5 stars. Zach B. said it was the best $$ he ever spent and the rice is cooked to perfection every time.  Sai used it for six months, three times a week and said it is still going strong. Michael G. said it does not spit, steam or leak and clean up is a breeze. He said it blows his glass top model out of the water and off to the moon! Many of the reviews focused on how perfect the rice came out each time. Most customers say the Aroma 8-cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer is a quality product for the price.

Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a great product, one of the highest rated and #5 on our list of the best. We guarantee that you will enjoy using it.