Best Deep Fryer Basket Reviews 2019

Fryer baskets are a key component for many deep fryers.  Some fryers come with multiple baskets so that you can cook separate foods at the same time.  Baskets are frequently stainless steel, nickel-plated, or chrome plated, and come in several shapes and sizes.  Some of the newer fryers have rotating baskets.  The basket turns in the hot oil which makes the cooking time much faster.  Baskets also come double-stacked so that you can cook two meats at the same time.  For example you may have two turkeys or two chickens and the double-stacked will save you time. Both meats will still come out fully cooked, moist, and tender. Many baskets also come with a hook that attaches to the side of the pot so that the oil can drain into a proper container.  Here are reviews of some of the best fryer baskets on the market in 2017.

All-Clad 59930 Dishwasher Safe Fry Basket / Cookware

This fryer features All-Clad’s signature long handle which is designed for comfort and performance.  It is made of 18/10 stainless steel and does not react with different foods. It also has a hook so that after you are finished cooking, you can hang the basket on the side of the pot so that the grease can drip off. The All-Clad Fry Basket fits 6 and 8 quart All-Clad stock pots and you can easily serve small portions or side dishes. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  The basket comes with a lifetime warranty.

Update International FB-9 Nickel Plated Round Wire Fry Basket

This wire fry basket is nickel plated and resistant to corrosion.  It has a reinforced base and the handle is welded onto the 0.8mm wire mesh.  The heavy duty frame makes this basket sturdy and durable, and it is designed to hold up in the most rigorous conditions.  Specifications for this fryer are 9 ½ inches diameter, and a depth of 4 15/16 inches.

Taco Shell Deep Fryer Basket – 8 Shells

The Taco Shell basket is mainly for commercial use in restaurant deep fryers.  The basket is iron and nickel plated and has a sturdy plastic-coated handle that remains cool when you touch it.  The basket has 8 removable individual inserts to keep the shells from sticking to each other.  The capacity of this basket is eight 6” taco shells.  A front hangar hook makes the basket more stable.  With this basket you can start out with regular tortillas and fry them into the perfect hard taco shell.  Dimensions are 12 ¼” length x 6 ½” width x 3 ¼” height.

Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Deep Frying Basket for You

For every type of fryer there is a different size basket. The needs of the chef who is using the fryer are important in choosing just the right fryer and the basket that will be most efficient. For each fryer knowing which to choose and which basket will help you along the way here is a quick guide to ensure you make the best decision for your cooking needs.

What size fryer and baskets are needed?

There are many types of fryers for the different needs in the kitchen. Commercial fryers are obviously for the bigger businesses and usually come with square shaped fryers made from nickel plated to stainless steel or mesh. Knowing the difference in how they cook food and choosing the right shape is first priority in your kitchen adventure.

  • Nickel Plated Frying Basket: Is most used for most types of fryer cooking to ensure great food whether the food is heavily breaded or not. Easy to clean with non-corrosion and rust fighting properties. This fryer comes in several shapes depending on the fryer and is often used in commercial frying.
  • Stainless Steel Frying Basket: Is chosen for mostly home use due to the ease of cleaning and lightweight feel. The mesh gives a more complete and equal fry without the weight of a heavy duty nickel plated basket.
  • Mesh Frying Basket: Mesh can be both nickel plated or stainless steel, however the mesh is not the same on each basket and can change the thoroughness of how each food item is cooked. It is important to choose whether you want a more open mesh or smaller for the sake of simple foods.

Size and shape of a frying basket can also affect the desired result of the food. Square baskets tend to give more space for even frying and can help with cooking food completely from the inside out. Square baskets are often a commercial use due to the ease in which it fits into the bigger fryers.

Rounded fryers are generally easier for an at home experience because they tend to be smaller in size and lighter to hold. They are not weaker than their square competition. Although the level of food being even is different because of the round shape depending on the food it matters little and the food will still be cooked thoroughly as long as it is kept in the fryer as long as cooking directions say to.