Speedy Sharp Review

Speedy Sharp pocket-sized knife sharpener is a very simple, but effective tool for sharpening your knives. This sharpener is made of carbide which is commonly used in cutting tools because it maintains its sharpness longer than many other materials. It carries the Micro 100 Super carbide brand name, which means that it has gone through … Read more

Messermeister 12-Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener Review

Messermeister is a German company that has been in existence for four decades, and they are fully committed to providing the best quality in culinary tools. Their 12-inch sharpening rod is made of 1200-grit industrial strength ceramic combined with a honing or alignment steel, and is ideal for preventative maintenance of your knife’s edge.  One … Read more

Norton IM200 -8″ Three Stone Sharpening System Review

This sharpening stone system was developed by Norton Abrasives, a world leader in products for cutting, grinding, blending sanding, polishing, and finishing.  A fine India stone and medium and coarse Crystolon stones are included.  India stones are smooth cutting stones which come from India, and are mainly made up of aluminum oxide.  They are excellent … Read more

Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Sharpener Review

This electric knife sharpener has three stages and can be used for straight knives, serrated knives, traditional Japanese-style single bevel knives, pocket knives, sports knives, double-bevel blades, and thicker Deba-style blades.  The first stage is a 15 degree angle for Asian knives; the second stage is a 20 degree angle which hones American and European … Read more

Wrenwane Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review

Wrenwane Kitchen Knife Sharpener is a manual pull through sharpener that has two sharpening settings: Tungsten Carbide blades for coarse sharpening, and ceramic rods for fine sharpening.  If your knife is very blunt, start with pulling it through the coarse rods and then move to the ceramic rods.  If your knife is already sharp and … Read more

Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker Review

Aroma products are designed to make people’s lives easier.  Their mission is to “design and distribute a line of products that enhance and enrich people’s lives.” Aroma rice cookers are considered some of the best and most reliable in the United States, and are known as “America’s favorite rice cookers.”  One of their top sellers … Read more

Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic Rice Cooker Review

The Panasonic SR-3NA is an automatic one step rice cooker that enables you to press a button and the cooker does the rest.  You can create restaurant quality rice that is light and fluffy, and also cook things like stir fries, Spanish rice, side dishes, sticky rice for rolling sushi, wild rice and even desserts … Read more

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom Rice Cooker Review

This sleek black and silver rice cooker design will match just about any kitchen décor and takes up minimal counter space. It works great if you are single, a couple, or feeding a family. You can put in up to three cups of uncooked rice and get six cups of superb rice each time. Features … Read more

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 Rice Cooker Review

Zojirushi has been in business for more than 90 years after the launch of their first glass-lined vacuum bottle. That product set a standard in the industry for vacuum insulation technology.  Since then the company has been improving the quality of life for their customers by developing innovative products like electric water boilers, beverage dispensers … Read more