Deep Frying Tips for the New Chef

Deep frying can be a beautiful art in cooking and ensuring that food is moist and flavored well. Anytime a cook decides to take this important step in their chef adventures it is important that they have all the information about what could possibly go wrong and how to avoid it. The dangers of deep frying are very real and have resulted in many injuries. A lack of knowledge on the correct how to make a great meal with all the safety precautions. To help the new explorative chef you are becoming, here are some helpful tips to keep you safe while you make your family the meal of a lifetime whether for the holidays or a normal night at home.

  1. A key point in safety for deep frying is not to make the mistake of using the fryer in an area that is enclosed. The fryer should always be used away from the house, not under an awning or trees, and other buildings or structures.
  2. Always choose a reasonable size food product when deep frying. The size may cause the oil to ignite if overfilled and make sure the product is thawed because ice on the item can cause the oil to pop causing burns to the chef.
  3. Since most deep frying is done during the holidays the weather is always a big part in whether or not you can actually use the fryer. For areas where snow, rain and bad weather is a normal situation you might not want to go with deep frying since it also cannot be done inside.
  4. Never, ever leave a fryer unattended. There is nothing more dangerous than this. Children, animals, and other family members are not safe around a deep fryer and should never come in contact with it. This is an imperative warning that must be heeded.
  5. For the chef, gloves and eye protection are a must, no need to risk burning yourself. With your proper equipment make sure to watch the burner when you are entering the product into the fryer. Always turn the fryer off is it begins to smoke, that is a sure sign that it is working towards catching fire.
  6. If you do not own one, a fire extinguisher is something you must get. Never use water to put out an oil fire it will only make the situation much worse. Water and oil do not mix and when you try to put out that kind of fire with water you will end up with an explosion.
  7. Read all directions and warnings. Every word is important to keep safety at the top of your priority list.

Always read all directions before you embark on your deep frying adventure to ensure you keep your loved ones safe and protect yourself from the danger that can often be a deep frying experience. You can turn the holidays and other occasions into a full flavored event if you take the time to be careful and follow the tips and warnings.