Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener Review

Ben Dale, President of Edge Pro knows the importance of perfection in sharpening stones. One of the popular professional models his company developed was the Edge Pro Apex 4-Knife Sharpener.  This patented system will sharpen any shape or size blade, up to 3 ½ inches wide. It can also be used for serrated blades.  The angle guide will help you maintain consistency with your blades each time you use the system.  This kit includes the works!  It features a 120- grit coarse water stone, a 220- grit medium fine water stone, a 400-grit fine water stone, a 600-grit extra fine water stone, and a 1000-grit ultra fine water stone.  You also get a pack of 2000-grit polish tapes, and a pack of 3000 grit polish tapes.

Each of these include 15 tapes per pack.  In addition, you get 2 polish tape mounting blanks, an eight inch 1200-grit ceramic hone, a micro-fiber towel, a water bottle, an instructional manual, an instructional DVD, and a black Cordura carrying case to store it all.  The stones have been specially formulated so that you don’t have to deal with gummed-up oil stones. They last longer and don’t cost much to replace. This system also removes less metal than electric grinders and sharpener, which makes your favorite knife last longer.

Most interviewed customers were extremely pleased with this product and it scored a great 4.6 out 5.0 on Amazon.  Customers noted that it does take practice to work with the stones, but once you acquire the skill, the result is consistent and quality edges.  In  Bestsmallkitchenappliances.com view this is the best knife sharpening system on the market today. You just can go wrong with the Edge Pro.