Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

As easy as a rice cooker made it to create an amazing rice meal or add a great side dish. The fuzzy-logic rice cooker takes cooking to an entirely new height. The new innovative computer chip that makes changes to the cooking time and temperature as the rice is cooking could not be any more fantastic then having to do it all yourself. Fuzzy-Logic was created to cook more like a human by judging what the rice needs as it is cooking.

Fuzzy-logic rice cookers offer so many exciting advantages over the everyday rice cooker. With technology advancements the fuzzy-logic can accelerate or decelerate heat for every stage of cooking the rice. The four stages of cooking rice in a Fuzzy-logic are:

  • Stands in water
  • Boil
  • Absorbs (steam)
  • Rests

Basically, Fuzzy-Logic is a type of artificial intelligence. The way you program the machines give the rice cooker a notion as to what extent the rice should be heated, how high the heat should go, how long the rice should be cooked at that temperature and Fuzzy –Logic makes decisions much like a human based on several variables. Instead of the basic rice to water ratio the cooker helps in cooking the rice also based on type of rice, size of rice, and texture of rice for those who like sticky rice rather than light fluffy rice.  Some choices for programming your rice cooker might include fast cooking cycles, keeping the rice warm without drying it out, texture of rice such as hard, tender, sticky, or overly moist.

The Fuzzy-Logic rice cooker considers the same variables a human would. For example, some rice such as brown rice takes longer to cook and needs more water to get the same consistency as white rice. The Fuzzy-Logic takes that into consideration and makes adjustments while the rice is cooking to give a perfect pot of steamed rice according to the parameters set.

As well as perfectly cooked rice, the Fuzzy logic technology also gives the opportunity to create a wide variety of foods. Breakfast is not a typical meal that most consider using their rice cooker for however, many breakfast foods can be cooked in the rice cooker such as eggs or porridge. Several types of vegetables can also be cooked to perfection with the proper settings and water amount. What could be more exciting than being able to cook an entire meal in a rice cooker? Have it turn out perfect? Nothing that is what!

Although the Fuzzy-Logic rice cooker can be more expensive, most will agree that it is well worth the price for the fun in the kitchen cooking amazing meals for family and friends. Add the flavoring of your choice, punch in the type of rice, texture you want it, and let it go. Come back in a bit for fabulous rice made exactly the way you want. The Fuzzy-Logic rice cooker is worth every penny paid.