Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic Rice Cooker Review

The Panasonic SR-3NA is an automatic one step rice cooker that enables you to press a button and the cooker does the rest.  You can create restaurant quality rice that is light and fluffy, and also cook things like stir fries, Spanish rice, side dishes, sticky rice for rolling sushi, wild rice and even desserts like creamy rice pudding.


This particular model cooks up to 1 ½ cups of rice, however Panasonic has additional models that accommodate 3, 6, 10 and 20 cups to fit your needs. It’s the perfect cooker whether you are single, have a small or large family, or just like to entertain.

The Panasonic SR-3NA cooks your rice in the right amount of time, then turns off automatically when the rice is done.  It has a stay-cool and see-through tempered glass lid so that you can check in on the progress of your rice and the indicator light also lets you know where the light is in the cooking process.  The glass lid holds in nutrients, heat and moisture making a tastier dish of rice. Handles on both sides enable you to safely transport the cooker.

See-through glass lid for easy and safe monitoring

It is not recommended that you cook brown rice in this particular model and the company suggests that you wash your rice in a separate pan other than the cooking pan before cooking it. They also suggest soaking the rice for approximately 30 minutes before cooking which results in a fluffier rice.

Accessories that come with this rice cooker are a rice scoop, measuring cup, and multi-lingual instruction manual written in English, Spanish, French, Korean and Chinese. The non-stick inner cooking pan is made of aluminum and easy to clean.

Customer Reviews

Amazon customers rate the Panasonic SR-3NA 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Tyrod likes the fact that it is simple to use – “no fancy electronics, just a plain timed cooker.” Justjack is a flight attendant who uses the cooker to get a nice hot meal because running from hotel to hotel doesn’t always offer the option of a good home cooked meal.  Patti says it is worth its weight in gold for a single person. She also likes the fact that it does not have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but is simple and easy to use. Idiot900 calls it a “bare-bones” product and says the cooker is tiny, but it does the job. Most consumers rated this product as compact, easy to use, durable and convenient. Hyperjump said this is a wonderful small batch rice cooker.  Janet721 also thinks this is a great cooker to travel with.  She said some of the other cookers that she has seen in the stores are of poor quality and not well-constructed, but she found the Panasonic SR-3NA to be a perfect fit for her suitcase. Overall customers were satisfied with the performance.

In our opinion, Panasonic SR-3NA is one of the best cookers anyone can ever find and we rate it a solid #4!