Rice Cooker Technologies

The original rice cookers begun with a box and electrodes in the early 1930’s and the electrical current would boil the rice in the box making the rice cook. When the first aluminum pot with coils came out it was not built with an automatic shut off switch so it required supervision in order not to burn the rice. In the 1950’s however the first automated rice cooker was created and put on the market, giving stay at home mothers the ability to more easily cook rice for family meals. However, the downside was the electrical usage that came with the rice cooker. For most it was too pricey and only the wealthy could afford to have them. Ironically even then some women did not cook meals for their family but the help sure had fun with them. At first the cookers came with few options and no warm up option.

With the 80’s and 90’s came more options for long term cooking use and options for different heating concepts such as steam heating and how long it takes to cook. Even so during this phase of the rice cookers they still had similar inside materials to the original cooker devices and it was important to continue the technology and take it to a higher step. The Japanese are known throughout this process for having the most cutting edge product and exporting these rice cookers all over the world. Also with this era came different sizes for rice cookers giving a bigger family more rice or being sold to businesses for the sake of commercial use.

Currently the world has the most amazing rice cooker on the market which includes Fuzzy-Logic. The concept behind the fuzzy logic rice cooker is within the world there is a set of variables that must be considered while cooking. Temperature, type of rice, water level, and texture of rice are a few of the variables that Fuzzy-Logic rice cookers consider when they are in use. The exciting part is much like a human; a fuzzy logic rice cooker can consider these options and while the rice is cooking change the temperature to cook the rice correctly based on these variables plus more. This concept is very much A. I. meaning artificial intelligence a rice cooker that thinks like a human and can make the rice perfection based on the family’s needs and wants.

Although through each stage of rice cookers the price variance was more than the poor could afford. Today everyone has an option of buying a rice cooker and research has shown that the Fuzzy-Logic rice cookers are top of the line and well worth the price paid for the amazing options in function and tons of fun with meals for the family. The Fuzzy-Logic rice cooker comes with options for cooking several other foods and can create an entire meal for the family in one swift move. Giving everything a cooking parent could want for their family.