Speedy Sharp Review

Speedy Sharp pocket-sized knife sharpener is a very simple, but effective tool for sharpening your knives. This sharpener is made of carbide which is commonly used in cutting tools because it maintains its sharpness longer than many other materials. It carries the Micro 100 Super carbide brand name, which means that it has gone through a process which makes quality micro grain carbide material even tougher, without decreasing the carbide hardness.

Micro 100 tools are known to be nearly unbreakable Speedy Sharp can be used on many types of blades including, straight, serrated, garden tools, scissors, fish hooks, and many more.  The sharpener might look small and powerless, but it has a lifetime warranty with a claim that it will never wear out.  It is convenient, portable and lightweight, and small enough to carry in your pocket, backpack, or tackle box.  Or, you can just store it in a kitchen drawer.  Speedy Sharp comes in a variety of colors.

Customers gave this product an extremely high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  Gen of North Coast Gardening uses Speedy Sharp to sharpen pruners and other tools, and says it is an awesome tool.  Richard Davis believes that every outdoorsman and survivalist type should have one of these sharpeners.  Lucky Tiger says this is a great sharpener for a quick sharpen.  Another customer thought it was great for camping and many reviewers like the lifetime warranty. A few customers have given the Speedy Sharp to friends as gifts. Juls noted that you should not be too aggressive when sharpening, because this sharpener removes steel quickly, and will remove more than you think very quickly. According to  Bestsmallkitchenappliances.com‘s team, Speedy Sharp is the best pocket knife sharpener on the market today!