Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer Review

The Waring Pro Electric DF280 has a brushed stainless steel house and a one gallon removable, enamel-coated, stainless steel oil container with a pouring spout.  Two small heavy mesh baskets and one large basket make it possible to cook multiple foods at the same time.  Handles are collapsible and cool-touch so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands.  Food capacity for this fryer is 2.3 pounds. The electronic LCD 60-minute digital timer and temperature control enables you to adjust the temperature for various foods.  Indicator lights let you know when the fryer is on and when it is ready to cook. The light will turn green when the oil has reached a desired temperature.  Waring Pro DF280 also features a viewing window on the lid that enables you to check in on your food.


Safety features on this unit include thermostat overload protection, a breakaway cord, and a safety interlock.  The overload protection feature works if the fryer heats up over the recommended temperature level (375oF).  In this case, the unit will automatically shut off.  It can be reset by unplugging the unit from the outlet on the wall and allowing it to cool down.  If you remove the control panel and heating element be sure they are completely cooled down.

The breakaway cord makes it possible to disconnect quickly from the unit if a pulling force is applied. So if the unit is accidentally pulled too hard the fryer will not tip over because the cord will disconnect.  The safety interlock feature ensures that all parts of the unit are mounted correctly.  If the control panel and heating element are not mounted correctly, the unit will not operate.  The Waring Pro DF280 is for 120 volts only.

Shortening, lard, or solid/hydrogenated oil should not be used in this fryer.  Also, do not mix oils because they have various smoke points.  It is recommended that you use an oil with a smoke point of 400oF or higher.


Once you remove the detachable cord, and the oil is cooled down to room temperature, the fryer can be cleaned.  The lid, basket, and oil pan are dishwasher safe.  Hand wash the basket before using it for the first time, and season it with oil before putting it into the dishwasher the first time.  Make sure the parts are completely dry after they are cleaned.  The body of the fryer can be submerged in water and washed with warm soapy water.  The control panel and heating element should be removed from the unit before submerging it in water.


  • Breakaway cord and polarized plug minimize the risk of electric shock.
  • Digital timer and adjustable temperature control
  • Automatic temperature control shut off
  • More than one basket in small and large
  • Some parts are dishwasher safe


  • There is no catch screen under the baskets
  • Large basket only has one hook and may flip if food is not balanced during draining


The overall verdict is that the Waring Pro is ideal for making varied dishes using the 3 frying baskets that are included.  It is safe, easy to clean and easy to operate – HomeCentric recommends.