Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom Rice Cooker Review

This sleek black and silver rice cooker design will match just about any kitchen décor and takes up minimal counter space. It works great if you are single, a couple, or feeding a family. You can put in up to three cups of uncooked rice and get six cups of superb rice each time.


The NS-LAC05XT cooking functions include mixed rice, brown rice, sweet rice, porridge, white/sushi, and quick cooking.  Brown rice has a hard bran and requires preheating time so that the water is absorbed better, which will thoroughly cook the rice inside the bran. The brown rice setting cooks longer at a lower temperature to prevent mushiness. Fuzzy logic technology makes it possible for this cooker to think for you, so just put your rice in, set the timer and you don’t have to worry about the rest.  The cooker does it all, and delivers perfect rice every time! After the rice has finished cooking, the warmer and extended warmer keeps the rice warm in case you are not eating right away.  When the cooking cycle is complete an interchangeable beep signal and melody alerts you.

MICOM (microcomputer technology) also distributes heat evenly throughout the cooker for a better cooking result.  Measuring lines help you to be more precise when putting in ingredients. The LCD control panel is easy to ready and there is a delay timer with two settings for when you need to handle other matters, go to work, or just relax while your rice cooks.

Accessories included with the NS-LAC05XT are a spatula holder, non-stick rice spatula, and measuring cup. Built in to the NS-LAC05XT is a retractable power cord.  The rice cooker is easy to clean because of the detachable inner lid and the clear-coated stainless steel exterior.

Customer Reviews

Customers on Amazon rated this product 4.6 out of 5 stars.  They like the texture and the fact that there are different settings for varieties of rice.  M. Pierce received a lot of compliments on the attractiveness of the NS-LAC05XT and said you get restaurant quality at home.  Thomas Catalano said this was the only way to make rice.  He liked that it fit neatly on the counter and does not have excess cord hanging out because of the retractable cord (like a vacuum cleaner).  Earl Grey Rules said it was wonderful waking up to the aroma of fresh rice, or fixing dal, leaving for the gym and coming home to steaming hot, perfectly cooked rice.  Jason W. Martin said it is a great rice cooker for the lazy chef, and if you fall asleep because you’ve had a few nips of scotch, the cooker will keep the rice warm for eight hours!  Dolores Rivera said that she cooks rice three times a week and this rice cooker keeps it hot for over 24 hours. She likes the fact that you can cook other foods in it, not just rice. Several customers said that the Teflon bowl was subject to peel and preferred a stainless steel bowl, but they felt the rice cooker was competent.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom is definitely one of the best products available today and #3 on our list.